Miles and Rachel's Proposal

Last night I got to play proposal paparazzi. There's nothing sweeter than getting to capture one of the best moments in someone's life. I went to high school with Rachel and we even on the same cheer team. I met Miles in 2011, when we both attended the same young adults group at my church. Watching Miles and Rachel's love story unfold was one of the most amazing things to witness. I'll never forget when we all went on a winter retreat together and Rachel came to my room while I was taking a nap. "Bethany, wake up!!! Miles told me how he felt about me!!!".  Over the last couple years, I have seen them not only grow individually, but as a couple. I can't wait to see where God is going to take these two on the next season of their lives.  Congrats Miles and Rachel! Love you guys so much!

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