Joey and Melissa's proposal

Well friends, MY BROTHER IS ENGAGED!!! When Joey started his proposal planning, his original idea was to make it simple and sweet. That lasted about 5 whole minutes, because when Joey does something he wants to do it BIG! Needless to say his final proposal plan was definitely more detailed and romantic than I thought my brother had in him ;) kidding. Melissa and Joey's proposal represented their story. I was so honored that my brother chose to allow me to be apart of the most important day of his life (well to date that is.) Madelyn (Melissa's younger sister) and I were going to take her around to each spot and enjoy the day with her. Without further ado, get ready to get teary eyed and enjoy the story...

The day started at 7:30am.. I picked up Melissa and Madelyn at their house. Madelyn had already given Melissa the first card that read:

"I hope your ready for a journey, and your feeling rested and fine. Your about to embark on one that will last a life time..."

 The second card instructed us to go to the place Melissa and Joey met...


[Rewind to February 2014: Joey called me on his way to Sambalatte to go read Jefferson Bethke's new book, "Jesus>Religion". Joey going to a coffee shop by himself was little out of character for him, but hey everyone needs change things up in their daily routine every once in awhile. Let's just say his decision to "change things" couldn't have gone better. He wound up seeing Adele (a friend from church) there sitting by herself. Turns out, Adele was waiting for her friend, Melissa to arrive. Melissa was running late, so Joey stayed to chat with her while she waited. When Melissa arrived Joey ended up staying at the table with them and talking instead of reading. After he left Sambalatte, I received another call from my brother. I'll never forget what he said. "Have you ever met that girl, Melissa from church?" I responded with "yeah, she's super sweet. Why?" Joey said without hesistation, "I just met her at Sambalatte, and she's the coolest girl I've ever met."]

To make it even more romantic, the flowers were set up at the actual table that they first met at.

Card number 3:

"I asked you and you were unsure, so I waited for our friendship to mature. After months of making me wait go to the place we had our first date."

Card number 4:

"I know this isn't your biggest passion, but it's time for a little bit of fashion. Now go walk around and get your self a beautiful gown."

Card number 5:

"I pushed and pried for you to give it a try, you finally said okay with a big sigh. Now go choose your favorite color and give them time to dry."

 We all got our nails done and even had champange waiting for us... Needless to say, I think I'm going to have my brother book my nail appointments more often ;)

Card number 6:

"There's only one last thing to do, I hope you enjoyed the ride, it will may be kind of far, but I'll be on the ninth hole, teeing off hoping to make a par."

Card number 7:

"This short journey is coming to an end but now the rest of our life is about to begin..."

 Melissa always told Joey she wanted a wood wedding ring instead of a diamond. Well if you couldn't tell by his proposal there wasn't a chance in heaven that he would settle with getting his future wife just a "wood ring". So he compromised with a wood ring box that he proposed with. On the box had "their" bible verse. 
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."- James 1:17

According to the photo below, I think she was okay with the ring not being wood ;)

Joey knew how important Melissa's family is to her and wanted them to be apart of the surprise. After he proposed, her family came out of hiding.

She may have been a little confused to see them, since they were suppose to be "working.

 Had to jump in there for one! Thanks Madelyn :)

Two of Joey's bestfriend's since Kindergarden helped him set up the whole day. Shout out to Daman and Joeseph for keeping my brother laughing through out the important day!

 The night ended with dinner on the strip with both familes, lots of toasts to the newly engaged couple, and a surpise engagement party back at Joey's with some of his closest friends.

It was a day I will never forget and couldn't be happier for my brother and my future sister. CONGRATS Joey and Melissyyy! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.



  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for the wedding! Love you my cousin forever and always and thank you Joey for making her so happy! Will be meeting you soon Bethany! Thank you for helping tell the story with your pictures!!!

    1. Thanks so much. So glad I was able to be there! Can't wait to meet everyone!!! :)

  2. loved it beth! Awesome pictures :)

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Sure do love you Joey, and I am sure she is perfect!

  4. Joey- you win for all the imagination, heart and rhyming you put into this. Melissa - you look so radiant! Bethany, you've totally brought us front row to an amazing romance! Thank you! (Will you be able to enjoy the wedding bc I hope you're capturing that too!) looking toward to September!
    - Ate Linda, Kuya Mike, Juni & T


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