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I met Taylor August of 2014. She moved here from New Jersey to go to school out here and be with her now fiance, Stephen. During the summer's at my church they do a BBQ after the service every Sunday. I met Taylor the week that she had moved. She told me all about how she was going to school to be a nurse and how Stephen and her had met in Hawaii at college. We went shopping about a month or so later to find dresses for one of our mutual friend's weddings, because what good friendship doesn't start with a shopping trip!

Like Krystina, over the past year Taylor has become one of my closest friends. We have been there for each other through the times where we are laughing so hard we cry, to the times where we meet for coffee, because we had a bad day and just need to talk to all the time times in between. If there is one thing my friendship with Taylor has taught me, it doesn't matter how long you have known someone, a friend that is friend in good times and bad is a friend that you want forever. So thankful for her!

Without further ado, Meet Taylor!

When and how did you and Stephen first meet?

I met Stephen for the first time January 12, 2014 in Honolulu at the CCBC extension campus. I was one of the last students to be picked up from the airport, so Stephen was already at the guys house with everyone else who had arrived. In Hawaii you can sit in the back of pick up trucks and its totally okay (which was always a lot of fun) so I was sitting in the front of the pick up truck and we went to pick Stephen up from this spot China Walls that we always went to, I looked in the back to see who all of these other people that I would be spending the next four months with and it was the first time I saw Stephen and I thought he was like the most handsome man I had ever seen and wanted to get to know him. That night we walked down to Hawaii Kai to get some food and watch a movie and it was from that day that I knew I wanted to have a future with this man.

When did you know Stephen was the “One”?

I knew Stephen was the one from pretty early on, we had a bond from day one, we would hang out all day and text each other right after we separated for the night. When we were in Hawaii a few of us went to the Pro Bowl, the night before we went to the mall to buy shirts for our favorite teams. I couldn’t find a shirt my size so I bought a mens shirt and decided I would just cut it up somehow and make it cuter. When I got back to the house that night I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find scissors to cut my shirt. Stephen and I were texting and I told him my issue and he came all the way from his house to bring me scissors. It was such a cute simple gesture, but for him to come out of his way to do it melted my heart. I fell more and more for him everyday since that day, and still do. I still can’t believe God brought me all the way to Hawaii to meet my husband but oh am I glad he did.

How did Stephen propose to you?

Stephen proposed to me the day after Thanksgiving. Both of our families were in town and meeting for the first time so that was already exciting and then he topped it off with a proposal I couldn't have planned better myself! Our families met at Salute, a restaurant at Red Rock. He had rented out a private room, but deterred me from thinking anything of it because he said it was so his niece Mia could play without being constricted to her high chair. The room had one long table and these cute menus that said Goodin & Lombardi Dinner. Before the food came out his sister suggested we take a picture all together, my family was on the right and Stephen’s was on the left with him and I in the middle. Stephen said we would take one normal picture and one funny one right after, little did I know we weren't taking pictures but he was actually recording what was about to take place. We “took” our normal photo and then we got ready to take the silly one, I was talking to my sister and said had said that I didn't know what pose to do and Stephen who has behind me said “How about this one?” I turned around and there he was on his knee, this moment that I had dreamed of basically since I met Stephen was finally coming true. After many beautiful words from Stephen and a lot of ugly crying from me, I said yes! We got to celebrate over dinner and with our families and they each went around and gave us advice and spoke about Stephen and I. Like that wasn't enough afterwards I was surprised with all of my friends waiting for Stephen and I in Downton Summerlin to celebrate with us! It was unforgettable night and I love that I have it on video to relive that moment.

What is one piece of wedding advice you have received that you are applying to your wedding planning?

One piece of wedding advice I have received that I'm applying to my wedding planning is taking in this sweet time of my life with Stephen and not letting the wedding planning stress us out. I have heard a lot of advice but this is the one I have taken to heart most because we will only go through this season of engagement together once and I want to cherish every minute of this exciting time and not let the stress of the details ever cause strife.

How did you know your dress was YOUR dress and how did wedding dress shopping go?

 Wedding dress shopping was one of my favorite parts of planning so far! I have been dreaming of the day I would be stepping in to a dress since I was young and to have the moment actually come was a very overwhelming and emotional experience. I didn't really know what to do when I first got in a dress, I couldn't even believe I was in a wedding dress. After the first couple of dresses it felt more real and I got a little emotional about it. The first day I didn't find my dress though, so about two weeks later I went again. That time we went to BowTies Bridal and we picked about 8 dresses for me to try on so I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of these amazing options. The consultant asked me to pick the dress I could see myself walking down in if I had to pick right now and turned out that was in fact the one I bought! It is my dream dress, it is the most beautiful dress I have ever laid eyes on and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in it!  I knew right when I put it on that I was done and this was my dress. I can’t wait for Stephen to see! Something that was a little different about my dress shopping was that I didn't have my mom there because we live across the country from one another, but I couldn't have asked for more amazing people by my side! Bethany, Vanity and Emily filled in for my mom and made it so fun for me and I will forever be thankful that I had them by my side for my special moment.

What has been a surprise to you about planning?
Whats been most surprising about planning is how many little details go in to it that I never had thought of. I am super thankful for my mom, the future mother in law and my future sister in law for helping me so much with everything and keeping me accountable with getting things done. I am also lucky that they all have amazing taste so we never disagree on anything, I am seriously beyond blessed for that.

What is one life lesson that you have learned from the process of planning?

One life lesson I’ve learned from the process of planning is never to rely on my own strength. Planning a wedding, being in nursing school, and raising a 12 week old puppy is definitely a recipe for stress. I never want to look back at this time and only have negative thoughts about it because this is the most special time. I will only get to experience this once. When ever I begin to let whats going on around me get the best of me I look to the Lord for strength and He continuously reminds me that He has me in His hands and will never give me what I can’t handle. It gives me the strength to not only to get everything done but it gives me an inexplicable joy and peace about it all. I am SO happy I don't have to rely on my own strength during this time and that I have the Lord holding my hand through it all.

What is a list of 3 must haves at your wedding?
Three must haves at my wedding is lots of dancing (we both have Spanish families that love to dance), lots of flowers (I think flowers are so romantic), and lots of pictures to capture the best day of my life!

What is one part of your wedding day your most excited about (besides marrying your best friend)?
One part of my wedding day that I am most excited about is sharing our vows of lifelong commitment of love in front of the people we cherish most in life and then celebrate with everyone after. I love being in love with my best friend and I can’t wait to share our love with everyone! Being that our families don't live in the same state as us they don’t really get to see us together first hand so I can’t wait for them to see the love we have for each other, what better day to see it then the day we get to say I do!

What are you most excited about for marriage?
I am most excited for being able to spend everyday of the rest of my life with my best friend. I can’t wait to wake up with him in the morning and go to sleep with him at night, I can’t wait to spend everyday loving him and supporting him and serving him. I can’t wait to just have my best friend by my side everyday for the rest of our lives, through good and bad, through all the ups and downs we might face. I am so thankful that God gave me the most precious gift, and I am so excited to glorify God through our marriage!

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