Fitzgerald Family

My first friends to become parents!!! Not only was Vanity the cutest pregnant women (we always tell her, "you ruined it for the rest of us when we get pregnant one day"), she is now officially the cutest mom. Vanity and Austin are some of my close friends. They just became parents in April to the most beautiful baby girl, Emma Jane. It is the most amazing thing to see your friends become parents & I couldn't be happier for them. 

When Emma was born, I knew her newborn session had to be an "in-home" session.  There is something so beautiful about new parents and the new adventures it comes with. Being able to capture Austin and Vanity in the place they first became a family was so special. Not only will they be able to look on these photos in 10 years & remember how small Emma was, but they will also be able to look back on these photos and remember where it all began. And that my friends, is the heart behind what I do. Being able to capture not only the people in the photo, but also freeze the special moments that go by so quickly, those are the moments worth documenting. 



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