O'Leary Family

If you haven't heard by now (which is probably impossible, because I'm sure I say it in every blog post), one of my favorite things about being a photographer is meeting and getting to know my clients. 

When Heather emailed me about family photos, we both discovered that we have gone to the same church for the last six years without ever meeting. Although my church is 3,000+ people it still amazes me that you can be at the same place for so long and never meet. Well let's just say I am so thankful that I got to meet this sweet family. Freddy and Heather have both known each other since middle school. And let's be real, I'm such a sucker for a sweet love story :) They had never had their photos taken professionally as a family, although they had a couples photo session with mall photographers when the two of them were teenagers. I told Heather it was a MUST that I see that photo!

After their session, I met them to look over their images and order some beautiful prints and gallery canvas' for their home. And believe me, I didn't forget about their blast from the past photos! So they pulled out the old photo album and showed me a photo of the two of them at one of the mall photography stores. Ya know, the cheese 90s pictures where they posed you to have your hand in fist and place it underneath your chin ;) It made me laugh and smile so much. It really proved the saying to be true, "a picture is worth a 1000 words". I bet those two teenagers never would of thought they would have a beautiful family of their own one day... Meet the O'Leary Family.



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