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The first wedding I am in this year is Ryan and Krystina's wedding. Contrary to popular believe, Ryan is my cousin, not Krystina! I met Krystina 3 years ago at my house for Thanksgiving when Ryan brought his then girlfriend home to meet the family. Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot about the first time meeting her, considering that we had about 40 people over that night! Fast forward a couple years and Krystina moved out to Vegas to be with Ryan.

One thing you should know about Krystina is that she is extremely talented in many ways. One way being, interior design. When my mom found out she did interior design, you better believe she jumped on the opportunity to have her help us revive our out of style bedrooms! Over the past year Krystina has designed 3 rooms (including mine) and a kitchen/living room for my family! During those times is when Krystina and I would talk for hours about boys, fashion and life. She has quickly become one of my closest friends and I am so thankful for her.

This year she started second shooting weddings with me and has a killer eye for photography. It is so awesome to be a like-minded and share a passion with a good friend. Today she launched her new business and brand that includes: Photography, Interior design and blogging. Check it out: HERE and show some love on her site. I could not be more excited for her this year and can't wait to see all that she will accomplish.
Without further ado, Meet Krystina.

When and how did you and Ryan first meet?
Haha…Are ready for this one? I had just started dating a guy about a month prior. His job was very demanding and he was out of town for a month and a half. Honolulu’s Chinatown has a huge art show the first Friday of every month. My girlfriends and I decided to go grab a couple drinks and some dinner. We went to Indigo Restaurant and nightclub and ran into my friend’s roommate. He invited us to come eat at his table. We told him that we needed to visit the ladies room and then we would be over… I was walking past a doorway and nonchalantly looked in and then very quickly did a double take at a very handsome guy. Talking to myself out loud I said, “WHO is THAT?” and my friend piped up and said, “oh, that’s Ryan!” “Wait, you know Ryan?!” I replied. We went to the ladies room and went over to their table… Ryan and I were introduced and pretty much talked the entire night. I left that night thinking, “Oh crap, I REALLY like this guy!” Needless to say only a few days after I broke up with the other guy Ryan and I were pretty much inseparable ever since!

When did you know Ryan was the "One"?
When I met Ryan there was something about his face that looked so familiar, like I had known him my entire life. I felt so comfortable and safe with him immediately. I don’t think I realized it completely at the time but subconsciously I think I knew he was the one the first night we met. Yew, so cliché, I know.


How did Ryan propose to you?
Ryan took me to the restaurant at the top of Delano. It overlooks the whole Las Vegas Strip. We sat out on the patio in a private corner and watched lightning flash out in the distance. We had an amazing dinner and at the end he reached into his pocket and pulled out…his phone! Haha I was completely expecting the proposal because we picked out the ring together so of course he had to mess with me a little. He then got down on one knee, said something sweet that I can’t even remember and pulled out my beautiful ring! I really don’t like over the top, attention grabbing situations. It embarrasses me sooo badly! His proposal was simple and sweet and perfect for me.

What is one piece of wedding advice you have received that you are applying to your wedding planning?
Pick a look/theme and commit to it. If you don’t your special day will be a huge mish-mash and that’s just never cute.

How did you know your dress was YOUR dress and how did wedding dress shopping go?
 I went in having an idea of what I wanted but still had an open mind about trying on different styles. As a matter of fact I had everyone that came with me pick out a dress for me to try on.  I tried on a big puffy dress, a very simple dress, strapless, mermaid, backless…basically one of everything. I am still shocked at my final decision because it’s completely opposite of what I thought I wanted but man oh man is it stunning! When they say you know what dress is the one they aren’t lying! I seriously cannot wait to wear it!

What has been a surprise to you about planning?
 Weddings are really expensive… I feel like everything has been about twice the amount I thought it was going to be. 


What is one life lesson that you have learned from the process of planning?
It’s really easy to get overwhelmed when you look at the big picture. Make a list, check things off after you accomplish them. It makes things not seem so overwhelming!

What is a list of the top 3 must haves at your wedding?
 1: an amazing man
2: A fantastic photographer
3: To make sure your friends and family have a great time

What are you most excited about on your wedding day?
Ryan and I have been together for quite awhile and we’ve already made so many commitments to each other. It’s going to be really awesome to make it official with all of our friends and family to witness. 

Where do you see you and Ryan in 10 years?
In ten years I see us with a couple of kids either living in Las Vegas or Hawaii. Ryan will have retired from his first career and will be three years into his second. My goal is to have a thriving photography and interior design business and we will, more than likely, be flipping homes wherever we are!

Location: Calico basin- Las vegas, Nevada


Ryan: Prada Shirt, Pants by Linea Naturale, Calibrate Woven Silk Tie, Gucci Men's Belt discontinued but here is a similar one. Dolce & Gabbana Watch discontinued - Similar. Cole Haan 'Warren' Venetian Loafer

To see more of Ryan and Krystina's engagement session check out Krystina's post: HERE

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